About Us

Nawadurga Printing Support boasts a highly experienced and skilled team who will guarantee on-time delivery without compromising the quality of products to our customers. Over a decade of experience in the printing assures the satisfication of our customers. We provide a range of services from book printing to security printing. To meet the needs of our customers we have also established Graphic Print, a company located in the Bhaktapur Industrial area to tackle the obstacles of the load-shedding scheme in Nepal which specializes in Security printing. In the totality of our experience in printing we look forward to provide all services related to printing at the same place for the benefit of our customers.

About the owner

Mr. Duru Kaji Byanju(Durga) is the owner of Nawadurga Printing Support and Graphic Print who is very experienced in the printing field and is certified by the Nepal Government Press Department. Mr. Durga started Nawadurga Printing Support using his expertise initiated with high-tech machines and he also started Graphic Print which deals in security printing facilated with machines like

  • Heidelberg Tok machine
  • Adast Diamond Check machine 15x20
  • Roland Germany machine 19x25
  • Roll Paper Printing Machine

About the staff

Nawadurga Printing Support has a highly dedicated, experienced and friendly staff who ensure the fulfillment of our cutomer's needs.